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luna is a character i created in august 2022 but only got fleshed out as my sona quite a while afterwards. this page mostly outlines luna in the context of her design.

character description: light gray fur. use darker grey ears and. she has heterochromia, her left eye is orange and her right eye is blue.
light green backpack with a polyamorous flag pin on it
backpack has side pockets, optionally has a stick of ram sticking out of one pocket
she has a shirt and a skirt most of the time
she has a light pink bracelet. although she doesnt need it to survive, having it on her is comforting like a warm hug
she also has a light blue collar with a bell :3
colors may be adjusted for lighting/artstyle when needed


autumn64's art that was a gift to me for my birthday. november 5th, 2023.

angle's art that was commissioned by my partner. march 9th, 2024.

gabe's original sketch made on the 3ds swapdoodle app. first art of her that i know of. march 25th, 2023.

axogma's sketch. part of a sketch of every staff member in dev's discord. march 28th, 2023.